Snakes... Why'd it have to be snakes?

Version 0.23 brings big changes for Path of Adventure!

New Dungeon Nuisances

I have extended the combat system to handle more than just ordinary monsters. You'll now battle falling rocks (that do excuse themselves), poisonous snakes, and spider webs full of stealing spiders.

More Combat Options

Fighting monsters means  you go through attack and defend states.

During defense, you can pick a weapon to block (shields or swords), or choose to take the hit. In this case you trust on your armor and save your weapons from wearing down. If your speed stat is high enough, there is also the chance that you dodge the attack entirely!

During attack you pick a weapon to attack, or choose to fight barehanded. With this update it is possible to use certain items as well, like healing potions. In future updates this will be extended with more items and magic spells.

Death by Rock

Grow / level up balanced

On the Path, leveling-up is called Growing, and happens through drinking an Elixir. The Elixir that is formed by Drops of Experience. With this update, each sequential Elixir needs more and more Drops, making the later chapters tenser and more exiting. Remember, the Elixir also fully heals and cures potion, so use it at the right moment.

What's to come?

Story and content! I feel the basics of the game are getting pretty solid and what lacks now is variation and mid/long-term goals. Stay tuned!

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Aug 11, 2018

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