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Path of Adventure

A text-based roguelike, for mobile · By Keeweed


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Text corrections and accessibility
Path of Adventure got its first update after the Android release! Main changes: - Corrected and improved texts - thanks to Anthony Crockett! - Improved accessib...
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Phew! That was a tough month for sure! But I did it, and I’m happy too. I can’t wait for a couple of days of not working on the game and getting some sleep...
Story and characters
Never thought it would really happen, but now it is: the trello board is getting empty. That means Path of Adventure is getting close to release! I'm guessing t...
Version 0.28
Version 0.28.0 brings many small changes and improvement to Path of Adventure. The main things are: When traveling out of a dungeon, the player can choose betwe...
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The Power of Tweaks
This month I tweaked many things and added or removed many bits and pieces, and the effect is amazing. This version of Path of Adventure is by far the best. Bat...
Magic fantastic
Right from when I started Path of Adventure I knew I wanted combat with depth. First there would be ordinary weapons, doing ordinary things like attacking and d...
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Two biggies in one week
If you're developing a game, there's always a thing or two that you know you have to do, but you're afraid to do it. For me that was restyling the game, and imp...
Snakes... Why'd it have to be snakes?
Version 0.23 brings big changes for Path of Adventure! New Dungeon Nuisances I have extended the combat system to handle more than just ordinary monsters. You'l...
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