Path of Adventure is a text-based roguelike, for mobile. A game of words and choices. Currently in open beta.

You mean it's Interactive Fiction?

Not quite. IF tends to be very story-focused, while Path of Adventure is very gameplay-focused. You control a character and overcome obstacles, creating your own story along the way.

Like those old text-adventures?

Not really. Those games are very puzzle-based, while Path of Adventure is full of surprises. It requires tactics and strategy to win. And some luck too.

So how does it play?

The game centers around turn-based combat and dungeon crawling. You'll try to survive the many different dangers, while growing your character and collecting items, weapons and spells.

Then why text?

Because text is awesome! It triggers the imagination which is super powerful. And also because I'm making this game on my own and I'm a terrible artist :)

Development log